Intersection Repair Project is Creating Unity Through Art

Art is bringing our community together!

An intersection repair project has been constructed on 9th St. and Baker Ave. which aims to bring more members into the city and further create unity. It is a project that required all hands on deck. All ages were able to participate in the construction of the beautiful painted mural.

The mural is unique because of its placement on the street. It resembles a colorful heart that exudes light and is surrounded by the infamous mountain range that the city rests just below.

Los Amigos was excited to get involved, and saw that their parents and students have great vision for the city. It was through their involvement that the mural was designed. It seems that Rancho Cucamonga is home to many artists!

Research shows that murals raise community visibility, improve the social environment and beautify neighborhoods. Los Amigos hopes that the community feels that the mural helps to represent themselves. One community member heard about the project in an earlier meeting. She could not be happier that the mural is located right down the street from her home. She believes that it is a wonderful opportunity to bring people together. She is sure that people will be impressed with the mural, and will want it in their own communities.

The students can be proud of their work on this project everyday when they walk to school. The mural is a powerful symbol of unity and beauty that provides encouragement to all ages within the community.