Healthy RC Episode 112

Airing this month on Healthy RC Living’s October edition the city of Rancho is putting their artistic  talents to use with the latest mural installment that aims to promote kindness and reach out to other communities. Earthquakes have always been on the mind due to Southern California’s tricky location near fault lines that have caused devastation in the past- however, JR Ybarra is going to help put our minds at ease by giving us a look at how the city is preparing. Family safety is a must, and when it comes to keeping our loved ones safe reporter Gabrielle D’Addario has an update on child safety seat laws. Plus, living in Rancho Cucamonga has probably meant you have spelled it out quite a bit, but now we have some interesting facts about the city that more unusual than the name. Combatting hunger is a key to success in the city due to the lasting effects that it can have on children such as behavioral problems or stunted growth. David Wylie tells us about a local program ready to fight childhood hunger. And, more healthy options are presenting themselves in the city. We take a look at another healthy food option that offers a taste of New York.

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