Farmers Market

Looking to save your money while benefiting your health? Well, the Farmers Market located at the Terra Vista Shopping Center is the perfect place to find farm fresh food at prices that are lower than those at the average grocery store. Every Saturday residents enjoy shopping for healthy necessities under the sun with family and friends.

Healthy eating is a priority of Rancho Cucamonga’s Community Champions who enjoy the farmers market as a place to serve the city and meet other residents who share their love for healthy progress. Availability to fresh fruits and vegetables is a key factor in improving healthy living.

Residents who shop at the farmers market see major differences in buying local verses from big-time grocery stores such as the longevity of the produce. Lynn McCormack prefers buying from Terra Vista’s farmers market because the quality is better overall. Families also see the positive atmosphere as an attractive place for community to uplift one another. The Merritt family enjoys the food as well as the opportunity to support local vendors who believe in the produce that they grow and sell.

As a community, it is important to Healthy RC and Rancho’s Community Champions that the city has access to fresh food that will benefit overall health. Vendors of the farmers market also benefit from their customer’s business and satisfaction. We hope to see you soon!