The Veggie Connection

Healthy eating gets a whole new look at the Veggie Connection which is an event that features vegetable based vendors, speakers, entertainers and more for the benefit of the community’s health and understanding of the subject. The event kicked off to a great start this year with an even greater attendance level which included vegan and non-vegan residents. Leaders at the event were excited to meet people who were less knowledgable about the subject so that they may bring some understanding.The vendors present at the Veggie Connection sell all kinds of products from produce to health items that are all vegan. No animals will be harmed and no human will be harmed by the products sold by vendors such as nACTurals and Vegan Power Co. who thrive on vegan living principles. This means that their products are top quality when it comes to customer’s health because everything in their inventory is chemical-free and animal-free.The food was the main event at the Veggie Connection due to its guilt free fantastic flavor. Families who are vegan eaters claim to find inspiration at events such as this that help them cook tasty meals. A crowd pleaser this year was the vegan sushi at Jades Vegan Sushi, which proved that there are infinite options for vegan chefs.One of the many guest speakers, Dr. James “Jazzy” Jordan, spoke about the importance of love on the topic of health. his best-seller book Health is Wealth teaches readers about the act of loving and nourishing one’s self for a better life. He noted that events such as this one are important so that people may convey information that is not normally so popular.The plant based lifestyle is becoming more popular as greater numbers of people become educated about the subject. The Veggie Connection proves that fun and flavor are vital to living vegan. The success of the event has allowed active community members such as Lateefa Smith to open a Veggie Connection store coming soon.Click HERE for more information!