Healthy Cooking Classes

The health of kids and families starts in the kitchen, which is why Chef Gino Rodriguez conducted three free cooking classes for kids at Los Amigos Elementary School. Usually, Chef Gino Rodriguez is teaching adults, but this time it was the kids turn to learn. It is exciting to teach children the art as well as the importance of healthy cooking so that generations will be inspired to continue eating well. Cooking lessons such as these Summer lessons aim to create community through healthy lifestyles. Healthy RC aims to fulfill the needs of the city through fun educational experiences that will last a lifetime. Health education classes was an idea that Healthy RC members have been working to create at Los Amigos, but they plan on expanding such activities into more schools.

Chef Gino has enjoyed his experience teaching adults in the last ten years, however, there is something special about kids who want to cook. He believes that their sponge-like brains are perfect for receiving information about food because of their ability to retain information and listen closely. Some kid chefs were excited to assist Chef Gino in similar ways as when they help their parents in the kitchen while others got to experience cooking for the first time! The principles of healthy eating were instilled in Rancho Cucamonga’s youth through this exciting healthy food frenzy.