Rancho Cucamonga School Walk

More than 600 students at Grapeland Elementary participated in the annual walkathon at the end of the school year. Principal Jeff Sipos explains that the walkathon is part of their district wellness policy. It is an effort to get children engaged in physical activities. The walkathon was a day long event that featured cooling stations manned by moms, as well as different themed laps. Needless to say, the kids were having a blast.

Local Law Enforcement was also present. Students had a visit from Deputy George Dora from the Rancho Cucamonga Sherriff station and they were able to see a police car up close. They also had a flyover from the Sherriffs Department helicopter. The school supports the organization called Operation Community Cares, which sends care packages to our troops overseas. So there were four members of the US Military present, representing the men and women of our armed forces who have benefitted from these packages.

On top of all that, the event acted as a fundraiser for the schools library. Their fundraising goal is 4,000 dollars, with the PTA promising to match every dollar raised for books in the school library.

The main goal of the annual walkathon is to encourage kids to stay active. The principle shares with us that just as they want the children to be academically fit, they also want them to be physically fit.

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