Pulse Point

Technology is providing a useful new function that saves lives with the 9-1-1 integrated mobile app. Fire officials in the area came together for the unveiling of the app Pulse Point which will provide CPR certified civilians and on duty professionals with the chance to help one another in a cardiac arrest emergency. The goal is to improve the outcome of such medical emergencies through the use of the app.

Matt Goyette spoke about his experience as bystander who assisted a sudden cardiac arrest victim. He was shown first hand the importance of immediate CPR and the use of an IED that can be used before medical responders arrive, and helped save a man’s lives. The number of cardiac arrest victims a year in the Confire JPA region is staggering at almost 3,ooo, “or about one every other hour,” as Rialto Fire Chief Sean Grayson stated. It is the hope of fire officials to increase the safety of their community.

Take action in your community by downloading PulsePoint and help save lives.