Arbor Day 2019

Arbor Day was celebrated throughout the city, including a hole digging event at Hermosa Park. Deer Canyon Elementary School celebrated Arbor Day this year when a Rancho Cucamonga Arborist came to pay the kids a visit in an effort to help educate the students about the importance of the holiday.

Students had an opportunity to learn why trees are so important to the environment when they participated in hands on activities that included props and actual tools that the Arborists use while out on the job.

The students were able to ask questions regarding the upcoming project for Arbor Day where the kids get a chance to plant their own trees at the local park located next to their school. Local elected officials, first responders, as well as mayor Dennis Michael were present and celebrated Arbor Day alongside the Deer Canyon Elementary students.

Students share what they have learned throughout the whole Arbor Day experience, including the importance of trees and the affect they have on our ecosystem.

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