Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Menchie’s promise when you walk in the door is that they serve up smiles. From the rainbow fresh toppings, over 10 different custom-made frozen yogurt flavors to choose from, and plenty of goodies to take home, there is no doubt that that promise will be fulfilled.

Menchie’s CEO Amit Y. Kleinberger shares with us that “its all about the experience.” From the design to the characters to the team, the environment at Menchie’s is strategically structured for a special customer experience.

The Menchie’s concept was founded by couple Don and Adam Caldwell back in 2007. Their shared sweet tooth fed their dream to create a yogurt shop where people from all over the world can not only enjoy the sweet treat, but experience a unique and friendly environment.

With over 300 stores in only 5 years, plus their own yogurt flavors that customers cannot get anywhere else, Menchie’s has quickly cornered the market on frozen treats in the US.

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