Earthquake Safety

Earthquakes are inevitable in California and all experts agree that we need to be prepared, especially here in Rancho Cucamonga. The city showed its role in being prepared by its participation in the Great California Shakeout, which was a statewide drill that stimulated the response to a major earthquake hitting the state.

While this drill was carried out in an office setting, the shakeout was also meant to be a reminder to homeowners that being self-sufficient after a major quake will be a necessity. Rancho Cucamonga Fire Chief Mike Bell urges the community to get a kit of supplies for each person and have a plan to communicate with loved ones and account for everybody.

While the shakeout has become an annual happening for Californians, it is inevitable that one day we will all be faced with the reality of a sizable earthquake. Then, this drill may turnout to be a major tool in helping many citizens survive.

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