Compost Program

Students at Etiwanda High School have a new compost program that encourages a lifestyle change at home, so their family reduces their household waste. The program also helps school cafeterias bring waste from food prep directly to the compost bins, every week.

By changing the way student on campus handle waste, the students at Etiwanda High School are truly making a difference. A student explains the process; bins are placed around campus and students are encouraged to dispose of their leftover food there. This way, the food waste will not end up in landfills and be turned into fertilizer for the schools garden.

Among many benefits, composting turns everyday waste into valuable soil, reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, helps slow down climate change, all while teaching students to be more environmentally conscious when handling waste.

This compost program allows students to get hands on experience and serves as a great way to educate the youth on the importance of reducing waste and creating more opportunities for a sustainable future.

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