Haven City Market is on the Way

Healthy RC Living episode 28

Haven City Market is currently being developed in Rancho Cucamonga where a plethora of cuisine is coming together in the one-hundred thousand square foot facility full of fun for everyone this Fall. The site is coming together beautifully as one of the largest food halls in Southern California. the city will soon be able to enjoy between twenty and twenty-five different food choices inside or at the outdoors seating areas and park space.

This coming attraction will also host public and private events where music loving foodies can find their groove. The mixture of culinary flavors as well as the various entertainment options are sure to draw the Inland Empire into the city. Haven City Market will benefit the city of Rancho economically due to the hundreds of jobs that will be available. Opportunity is thriving thanks to the efforts of those involved on the project who strive to meet the needs of the city. Check out the progress that has been made so far on the latest episode of Healthy RC Living below.