Community Conversation

Suicide Prevention was the topic of the Community Conversation, where individuals who have been effected by suicide as well as specialists spoke about the issue. The intent of the night was to bring awareness to a topic that is quite difficult to discuss due to stigma and shame. Experts claim that many suicidal individuals feel alone, as if they are the only one to feel as they do. It was important to host the night to remind the community that no one is alone. Rancho Cucamonga hopes to offer help in any way possible.

Through the Community Conversations that the city hosted, which includes the Suicide Prevention Discussion, hopefully individuals who are struggling will feel less alone. The stigma attached to such feelings may also include shame which would prevent someone from reaching out. Having an open conversation about the topic will hopefully shed some light on a subject that thrives in the dark.

Each speaker encouraged listeners to reach out for help because no one is alone in their mental health struggle. Monique Cain, a call center worker, provided insight on the subject’s importance. She shared her passion to help those who struggle, which was one of many gripping speakers of the night. Statistics proved that a startling number of people will deal with such an issue, however there are resources that want to help. This conversation was one of many in Rancho Cucamonga to hopefully improve the community’s overall well-being.

If you or a loved one are in need of help call The Suicide Prevention Hotline.


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