RC Health and Wellness Fair

Understanding where and how to approach mental health were the leading topics of the 11th annual Health and Wellness Resource Fair at Rancho Cucamonga Middle School. The event featured over 26 vendors who offered families valuable knowledge in the field of mental health through engaging activities. Despite the light-hearted fun of live student musicians, face painting and games, vital knowledge regarding proper health care fueled the importance of the day. The overall health of Rancho Cucamonga’s residents was the primary concern, which is why West Coast School provided blood glucose testing to check for pre-diabetes along with Walmart vision who provided glasses at a discounted price. The Department of behavioral Health made a difference by addressing the negative stigmas associated with mental health care. The goal of their presence at the event was to take away the stigma and assure the community of the ease of receiving help such as emergency clinics that provide care even without an appointment. Both kids and adults walked away with greater knowledge regarding their health thanks to the Health and Wellness Resource Fair.