Parklets featured image speaking about the initiative
Justine Garcia speaks about what goes into creating a Parklet

Parklets: Changing the way we use our space

Parklets are the newest way for city hall employees to take a break and find rest in the working environment. Well, technically outside the working environment, in the parking lot to be more precise. But don’t let the location fool you; the Parklet provides a transformed space the size of a parking spot that allows associates to have an uplifting space for social gathering. In this space there are benches, exercise equipment, astro turf and even trees that all contribute to the calming atmosphere that the Parklet movement aims to provide. Justine Garcia, the Management Analyst for the Rancho Cucamonga City Manager’s office, had this to say about the use of the Parklet in recent days, “… [It’s] just like a park, for people to come and gather for meetings, or coffee, or just to socialize with others in the neighborhood.”. The Urban Tree department and the Public Works department worked hand in hand in order to transform stumps into benches and chairs to create this Parklet and it has undoubtedly sparked a positive interest in the community.