Cucamonga Challenge

Bikers and runners showed their strength at the Cucamonga Challenge where some healthy competition helped raise funds for the Pacific Electric Bike Trail’s depot station. The depot station is a historic landmark that is a great piece of history for the community to enjoy. It is in need of some updates so the growing event was the perfect place to promote the restoration of the spot. Along with the depot, benches and regular maintenance is necessary to the beauty and function of the trail.

Friends and family showed up ready to enjoy a day full of fun at the annual Spring event, which featured games and music that got everyone into the spirit of fun and physical fitness. The race brings the community together as much as it helps improve the quality of the trail. Everyone can enjoy the trail whether on bike, or foot thanks to the dedicated members who strive to get the community exercising together. It was important to the Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail to offer a flexible range of activities to show that the trail has a vast variety of options to meet everyone’s physical fitness desires. Friends and families enjoyed the company of their dogs too!

Health was a priority for all ages. Physical fitness was made fun for Runners and Bicyclists who were given their times along with a picture to capture the moment. Their families eagerly waited for them at the finish line. Once the race was over, live music and healthy snacks took over. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers and local fitness lovers the trail is going to continue to look great and offer a beautiful place to exercise.

Cucamonga Challenge

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